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Pro-peace opposition to war

Martin Luther King on how war, exploitation and racism are aspects of the same problem and on what our responsibilities are.
A precise statement on today's situation!
Critical and pro-peace in one!
Make every day a Martin Luther King Day!

Pro-peace and this website
A little about what you'll experience here and why

Macro thinking and world governance
Johan Galtung looks back on peace research and his own book, The True Worlds

When defence means offence
Jan Oberg explains why the Ballistic Missile Defence is pro-war


Peace photo

- send yours to us!

It's easy to see when an image depicts violence. We are surrounded by such images every day.
But how do we picture peace, a resolved conflict, forgiveness, reconciliation, nonviolence, trust, etc.?
If you have taken pictures that you feel express peace in a broad sense, please send them to TFF and we might post them here.

"This Foundation is not - has never been -
"anti-American". It is highly critical of US foreign policy. US society is a fascinating mix of good and bad. But the sooner the US Empire is dissolved peacefully and the idea of exceptionalism scrapped, the better for the world and the US itself."

Jan Oberg, director and co-founder